Victoria Engels


Vic joined as a client in January 2018 with her husband, Josh. They were one of the first clients at the Titletown location! Her high-energy coaching started at FIRE in June of 2020. 

One of her favorite things about coaching is bringing energy and positivity to camps but more so the connections with everyone. Vic really enjoys getting to know the clients beyond just their FIRE life.

Favorite exercise? You already know.. CARDIO!!  Specifically jump rope. Vic said if she were a workout, she would definitely be FRIDAY CARNIVAL!!

Fun fact about Coach Vic, she recently had a baby girl  in December. She is also a mental health therapist working with children and adults.

Hallie Barbara

Hallie started at FIRE as a client in July of 2020 and recently started providing LIGHTS OUT sessions in December 2021!. 

One of Hallie's favorite things about coaching is she loves hearing the client's stories of how FIRE has changed their lives! She enjoys helping to push clients beyond what they think they can do. Favorite Exercise: ANY exercise with the WAVEMASTERS!

Fun fact about Coach Hallie: She is a Licensed Professional Counselor. She has been providing mental health therapy to children, adolescents and adults for the last 13 years.


 Tyler Turner


Tyler has been with FIRE for 2.5 years delivering the most phenomenal workouts and wearing out multiple whistles! 

One of his favorite things about coaching is when people avoid eye contact as he gets close to encourage them for ONE MORE and to MOVE, MOVE, MOVE! He enjoys the looks given during all those FIREBOMBS as well!

Favorite exercise: DEADLIFTS, because it’s always a good day for leg day!


Fun, well not fun, interesting fact about Coach Tyler… he once got into a car accident with his brand new car going 100+ miles per hour and was flighted to a hospital.  Even after that experience, he still wants to drive fast!
PSA: Don’t drive fast, follow the posted speed limits 

Coach jess.jpg

 Jessica Lundgren


Jess has been with FIRE for about 2 years, starting as a client and now delivering phenomenal workouts. Jess has been coaching high school sports since college, as for coaching at FIRE, it has been about a year and a half. One of her FAVORITE things about coaching, is her love of helping people change their lives. Losing weight and getting into better shape is great, HOWEVER the best impact is when a client no longer needs a medication or when their families can see the change physically and/or mentally in the client. Jess feels honored to be part of people’s life changing stories.

Favorite exercise will be anything strength based, probably the barbell deadlift is the top one. Jess and cardio usually don’t get along!

Fun fact about Jess… She is an All-American Collegiate Dairy Judge! Her family dairy farms and that is another passion of hers



Jenna has been at FIRE for about a year and a half, even just recently earning her 144 band! She doesn’t just talk the talk, she walks the walk. Jenna has prior experience in group personal training and was FIRE certified in 2021 and has been bringing the HEAT ever since! One of Jenna’s favorite thing about coaching is connecting with people and helping them reach their fitness goals. Jenna stated “It is so exciting to see people reach their goals and celebrate their successes with them!” 

Favorite exercise: BURPEES!!

Fun fact about Jenna, she is an officiant! Not only can she help people reach their fitness goals, she can help get you hitched too! 


Presley Saharsky

Presley started as a FIRE client in October 2020, has been putting in the work and became COFE certified in December 2021.

One of Presley’s favorite things about coaching is that she loves watching people come out of their comfort zones in the gym. Many people start a little uncertain but soon start to reach their goals and really start to believe in themselves.

Favorite exercise is the Viking Squat. Presley LOVES LEG DAY because let’s be real, who doesn’t?! 

Fun fact about Presley, she can rap! She will rap about ANYTHING, anywhere. Prime example is the Celebrity Weight Loss Challenge Egg Rap.



Mike started at FIRE in December of 2020 and hasn’t slowed down since he walked in that door. He has completed 500 camps in just 13 months!!  As for coaching, he stated he still has rookie status, having a couple months under his belt. One of his favorite things about coaching is motivating clients to go harder while not sacrificing good form. This is something important he learned from his own past mistakes and his other FIRE coaches.

Favorite exercise: It’s a tie between the Meisters and Trench Pulls. 

A fun fact, since January 2019, Mike has been working on his own personal transformation. He is down 230LBS! Grit, determination and a change of mindset has completely transformed his life. Keep motivating Mike!


Clint Stangel

A little bit about Clint, he started as a FIRE client in March 2020. He knew this was his place and he wanted to get more involved. He completed his FIRE coaching certification just 1 year later. Clint LOVES bringing MASSIVE energy to camp and getting clients to say I CAN instead of I CAN’T.

One of his favorite exercises: HAMMER CURLS 

Fun fact about Clint, he was one of the best country line dancers in the NATION in the 90s, even qualifying for World’s, but due to funds, couldn’t attend. He states he has hung up the cowboy boots  for his workout shoes buuuuttttttt, with a little arm twisting, I think the line dancing can make a come back!!