cassidy kellow


Coach Cassidy started as a FIRE Fitness Camp client, just like you, in 2017! She has since completed well over 650 camps. 

 FIRE is where she fell in love with fitness! When she isn't busy coaching at our location, she travels to other locations to sub, and takes FULL advantage of her ALL ACCESS membership! She also loves to compete in obstacle course races and doing other things outdoors. Outside of fitness, she likes to shop and is a foodie at heart!

Cassidy is sure to deliver you the MOST Phenomenal Workout Experience on the Planet! Her enthusiasm, love of fitness, and passion for helping others shows through at EACH and EVERY camp she coaches.

Beth Wynos


Beth started as a FIRE Fitness Camp client in 2019 to continue her passion in fitness.  Upon joining FIRE as a client, she found that fitness and personal training was something she had a passion for and wanted to learn more about the science. Beth took it upon herself (with the hopes of coming on board as a coach) to start taking PT courses through ACE. In October 2019, she passed her certification exam through ACE to become a Certified Personal Trainer, and has been chomping at the bit to start coaching since that day!


When she's not kicking your butt in camp, or getting her own butt kicked in camp- you can find Beth spending time with her family. Typically they will be outside camping, biking and kayaking.

Beth, like all our entire coaching staff, is here to deliver you the MOST Phenomenal Workout Experience on the Planet! 

 Tyler Turner


Tyler has been working out consistently for 4 years now with a passion that continues to grow for the health/fitness world. His curiosity started in bodybuilding, and he’s definitely looking forward to learning more and more about functional fitness and how you can build the body even more. He really enjoys the great company and smiling faces at FIRE and loves how hard everyone works! He’s aspiring to have a future in the health/fitness world. 


In Tyler’s free time he races autocross and likes to travel to places he hasn’t seen yet!


Tyler's enthusiastic personality will bring the FIRE to every camp you attend! 


1671 Hoffman Road Green bay, WI 54311
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